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Covid-19 2nd Update

Dear Gymnasts, Members, Parents, Carers, Staff and Volunteers.

As you will know from the Prime Minister’s press conference yesterday and today, we have now entered an unprecedented period which will see a profound change in how we all live our lives due to the spread of Coronavirus.

At Starlight Trampoline & Gymnastic Club’s senior management have been liaising constantly with each other, British Gymnastics, Agility UK, (the health and safety providers for British Gymnastics), our insurers, informed members of the NHS, and other member clubs of the gymnastics community to best assess the situation and make appropriate decisions.

The current guidance from British Gymnastics is that we should REMAIN OPEN AS NORMAL, until instructed otherwise, and that parents should make their own personal decisions to send their children to sessions.  

Considering the recommendations, the following changes will be made immediately starting from the classes on Wednesday 18/3/2020:

  • Any gymnast or visitor to the Club with any pre-existing medical condition which may put anyone at increased risk of contracting the virus will be asked to stay away from the Club.
  • Anyone (including gymnasts/parents/siblings/staff) showing signs/symptoms of the virus should self-isolate for at least 14 days along with all other members of their household.
  • Anyone who has been travelling abroad recently and returned to the UK should self-isolate for 14 days.

Please visit if you are in doubt,


  • We will be starting the 5pm, 6pm and 7pm classes 5 minutes late and finishing every class 5 minutes early so that cleaning of the equipment can take place in between each class.
  • Before every class and at the end of every class each child will be required to wash their hands, and use the antibacterial gel.


  • We would encourage that parents treat the Club as you would a school and drop your children off AT THE DOOR and leave them in our care until you return to pick them up. You are welcome to wait in your car for the duration of the session.  Of course, you are welcome to come into the Club if any parent/sibling has a disability which means that waiting outside in the car would be inappropriate.
  • Gymnasts at 4pm and 6pm will enter through the normal door and gymnasts at 5pm and 7pm will enter through the side door on the left-hand side of the building (looking from the front of the building).

We will be cleaning all communal areas of the gym very regularly, paying attention to areas such as door handles, high traffic surfaces and all pieces of gymnastics equipment.

We continue to encourage good hand hygiene, and all gymnasts will be expected to wash their hands upon arrival at the Club, and after visiting the toilet. Appropriate cough/sneeze etiquette is also encouraged, and these should be caught in a tissue and then discarded in the bin.

All existing classes will continue to run until further notice. Should circumstances change and more information be released by either the Government or British Gymnastics, we will write to you again.

British Gymnastics has CANCELLED all of its Regional and National events until the end of June. This includes the Spring Event Series competitions, and all Regional Qualifying events.  English Gymnastics have also cancelled all English qualifiers and English Championships.  The Trampoline & DMT League have also been cancelled but will be looking at a virtual competition which will be detailed when further details are known.

Whilst we understand that fees for trampolining/gymnastics may be considered a “luxury” item and that this may be something you consider stopping paying for during this difficult time with the intention of reinstating it at a later date once more stability is returned to the UK and our lives return to normality again. However, should too many of our members cancel their payments, there may very well not be a Club to return to!!

Should a temporary closure of the Club be required due to a confirmed case of Coronavirus within the Club, or due to a forced Government shutdown then we are reaching out to you as our member and parent base to help support us during this difficult time!

We don’t know what the Government our Landlord or TVBC will do to financially assist small businesses should they insist on a forced shutdown of leisure facilities, but certainly in the short term, we need to continue paying for the vital bills (such as rent, rates and insurance costs) to safeguard the future of the Club. We are doing our best to limit the outgoings of the Club as much as possible over this difficult period. 

This is what we have received from our insurers:

In common with many insurers, Ansvar’s policies provide cover for specified diseases. For cover under the Business Interruption section COVID-19 would have to fall under the ‘Specified Diseases’ extension, unfortunately COVID-19 is not one of these diseases, nor is it related to any of those noted (31 in total) under the policy and as such, no cover is provided.

Please remember that the Club is a non-profit making organisation and therefore relies on fees to pay the required outgoings, so without your fees, the future of the club is in jeopardy, and without being able to pay vital bills, the Club will be forced to close permanently!!  This is obviously something that we desperately don’t want to happen, so we implore you all to safeguard the Club for the future, for the benefit of your children, and for the many children and families we serve in the area. The current situation is particularly galling bearing in mind the level of hard work and investment that we as a team of passionate individuals have put in over the past 15 years.

Thank you for your support and please stay safe!! We will continue to update all members of our Starlight gymnastics family as and when we have more information.  In the meantime we are putting together a home study programme for those unable to attend.

With big hugs to all (we’re allowed to give virtual hugs, right??)

Sheryl and the Team

17th March 2020

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